Letter from the Rector

The University Center of Health Sciences (CUCS in spanish) of the University of Guadalajara, Mexico, is distinguished by contributing to the search for better health conditions, through the training of people interested in reaching a level of high professional competence, capable of generating applicable scientific knowledge for the benefit of citizens.


The TALINCREA journal is a new platform through which researchers from our University Center join efforts with researchers from Universities in Spain (Oviedo and La Laguna) to create a space where three relevant topics for the development of human potential converge: Talent, Intelligence and Creativity.


TALINCREA publishes high quality, peer-reviewed academic reviews and research that captures the full range of approaches to the study of creativity, the basis and development of human intelligence, as well as innovative programs and strategies that foster the development of talent in children, youth and adults in educational and psychosocial contexts.


This journal is open to scientific, theoretical and practical work in Spanish, English and Portuguese. Therefore, its plurality and internationalization place it as an innovative, inclusive and high quality proposal.


We are convinced that TALINCREA provides high impact reflections and academic works for the formation of professionals in Psychology, Education and related disciplines that address these topics and challenges in their daily work.



Congratulations to the TALINCREA community!